Cinnamon Consultants is an independent business and is based in the North West of England but works throughout the UK and Europe. It was originally formed by Eunice Cinnamon to provide solutions in business improvement that our clients actually want but using technical expertise to provide sustained results. 
Eunice is a chartered engineer and has held a number of operational and manufacturing roles in leading world class companies including plant engineering, operational management, start up and commissioning, and business change management. 
Eunice sits on the Process Industry Board of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). She is keen to balance the technical solution with the needs of the culture and people involved. Eunice is a fully trained Professional Development Consultant, and strongly believes that optimses the technical solution also involves optimising the people and environment and has set up her own business to offer these services as one solution.  
At Cinnamon Consultants we believe that the best solution will come as a result of understanding the problem, your business, and the people within it. 
The solution is not necessarily about solving the problem but how you solve it. At Cinnamon Consultants, we believe this approach helps provide you with real sustained results. 
You will be able to see from our list of services that we offer technical support through consultancy and training workshops. However, we can also offer the softer skills including senior management training and coaching workshops. Whether you are embarking on a localised or a large strategic change programme, we have the expertise to facilitate and guide you through this. 
We have a team of dedicated associates that have the same high levels of commitment, integrity and honesty at their heart. We will listen to your needs, and aim to offer you the best service and value we can. As a result, we have also built strategic alliances throughout the UK. This includes being able to offer funding opportunities where these are available. 
For more information about us, or about how we can work together, please contact us at